Enjoy Bursting Boba in different Tastes

Strawberry Bursting Boba:

Strawberry Bursting Boba makes your bubble teas and desserts delicious with sweet and fresh taste of strawberries. All the boba balls made with bright berry flavor and a scrumptious texture that bringing the taste of a summertime picnic to your froyo, snow ice or iced tea.

Kiwi Bursting Boba

Kiwi Bursting Boba taste mellow, tart, cool and offers unique texture that make bubble tea more sweetly.

Mango Bursting Boba:

Mango Bursting Boba add a fresh, exotic taste to bubble teas and ice creams.unique texture of each bubble bursts in your mouth for a sweet splash of flavor.you can entertain your friends with our mango bursting boba.

Passion Fruit Bursting Boba:

You can use Passion Fruit Bursting Boba in ice creams, desserts or tropical drinks. You can feel good experience in your mouth.